ApplicationS Monitoring

The Systems and Applications Monitoring Feature Pack enables WebNMS Framework based applications to manage system resources such as CPU, memory, disk utilization, and servers such as database servers, web-servers, ftp servers, etc.
Comprehensive Capabilities

  • Out-of-box support for standard applications such as web-server, database server, mail server, etc.
  • Application Discovery
  • Host Resources Monitoring via Telnet/SSH and Windows Management Instrumentation
  • Configurable Status Polling
  • Performance Data Collection
  • Threshold Definition
  • Runtime Administration
  • Reporting
Simplified Implementation and Deployment

The Feature Pack is available as a single file (ppm format), which can be incorporated in the build of the EMS/NMS application. The feature pack can be pre-configured or configured after deployment using the runtime administration tool.


  • Simplifies the integration of systems and application management capability in WebNMS Framework based applications
  • Provides a single console for management of network devices, systems and applications
  • Eliminates the need for third party application management tools
  • Provides interfaces for managing proprietary applications