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Searching for a Map Symbol


To search for an element (map symbol) based on certain criteria

    1. Open the map in which you need to search for elements.

    2. Perform any of the following procedures:-

      • From Edit menu, choose Search.

      • Click Find on the toolbar.

      • Press Ctrl+F.

The Find dialog box is displayed.

    1. Enter the label name of the symbol you are searching for in the Symbol Label text field. For example, test-machine, test-server.

    2. Choose Up or Down for the search pattern. For example, if you are at the bottom of the map view, select Up for the search to be enabled upwards.

    3. Select Ignore case if you do not want the symbol to be searched based on the label's case. For example, if you enter the label as TEST, and you need to search for symbols even if their labels are not capitalized.

    4. Select Match whole word if you want the search to be based on the complete label that you provide. For example, if you enter the label as 'Test server' and do not select this option, then your search results include all symbols having 'test'.

    5. Click Find Next. To skip a particular map, click the Next Map button, which moves to the next map available in the tree.

If the symbol is found, then you are taken to that symbol and it is automatically selected. If no symbols meeting your criteria are found, use the Find Next or Next Map options to search in further maps (in the sequence as available in the tree).


Clicking New Search resets the value to default. To close the Find dialog box, click Close and for information on using this feature, click Help.



Filtering Map Symbols


To filter map symbols based on MO criteria

    1. Open the map in which you need to filter the map elements.

    2. Click on the Filter Symbols icon on the map toolbar.

    3. Select the Criteria from the drop down box, based on which the elements need to be filtered

    4. Provide the value in the Value textbox.

    5. Multiple criteria can be provided for filtering.

    6. Click on the Add button to add more criteria and corresponding value.

    7. Select "Match any of the below criteria" to filter on any condition specified.

    The criteria based on which on filtering is done is displayed below the map toolbar along with the results.

  1. Example:  Showing symbols matching criteria :{performOr=false,name=192*} when the filter condition is provided as Criteria : name and Value : 192*

  2. Clicking on the Show All button will display the original map with all the map symbols.


For more details on customizing the map toolbar please refer to the Developer Guide.





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