CE Topologies

Symphony CE offers custom solutions for different deployment scenarios, including EVC based E-Line service and E-Access service definition, and automatically discovers the modelled devices in these topologies.

WebNMS Carrier Ethernet Management

Fault Detection and Resolution

  • IEEE 802.3ah Link OAM

    Symphony CE identifies fault at the link level by sending periodic IEEE 802.3ah Link OAM PDU messages between link end points. The Ethernet link OAM is defined by IEEE 802.3ah nd applies to each physical point-to-point network line, one at a time. This is differentiated from end-to-end Service OAM.

  • Fault Handling

    Symphony CE identifies fault at the service level by sending IEEE 802.1ag Continuity Check Messages (CCMs) at periodic intervals between configured adjacent MEPs within a MEG and declared loss of connectivity on no arrival of CCMs.

  • Fault Isolation and Troubleshooting

    Symphony CE uses Continuity Check to identify any fault while IEEE 802.1AG/MEF 30.1 Loopback & Linktrace focus on fault verification & isolation between a controller and responder MEP of EVC/OVC. Loopback particularly focuses on verification and isolation between controller/responder MEP.

SOAM Performance Monitoring

  • MEF 10.2, 35, 36 & CPRF

    Symphony CE collects performance metrics from network resources defined by MEF 10.2, 35, 36 and follows MEF Service Operation Committee specified Carrier Performance Reporting Framework (CPRF).

  • SLA Management

    Improve service quality and meet service level commitments for EVC-based service provider-subscriber Ethernet services and OVC-based service provider-access provider Access service definitions.

Self-service SLA Portal

  • Gain customer value and give proof of assured SLAs to your users. Allow users to order new services and dynamically modify bandwidth.

    Symphony helps end-users view performance metrics of subscribed services through the on-demand service portal, providing insightful graphs, real-time reports and network health.

    • Cloud-based web portal
    • Precise performance data about network heath
    • Insightful Graphs and real-time reports
    • Drill down view about network bandwidth
WebNMS Carrier Ethernet Management