Symphony Fault Management

No Network is Infallible. Detect, Isolate, Resolve Faults.
React to Quality Issues in Real-Time.

In the complex technological environment, most providers have deployed a variety of tools to collect events, logs and messages from their many network devices, servers and application. Symphony Fault Management delivers an unified approach in actively monitoring network health with support for a changing landscape of mixed physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Fault Management
  • Event Driven & Auto-Correlation

    Event forms repository of information for all occurrences in the system. Supported custom logic to correlate events into alerts and to filter alerts into severity types.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    RCA of events enable drill down view of malfunctioning sub-systems. A graphical view of the events help pinpoint maximum impact.

  • Fault Notifications

    Extensive support for filtering mechanism which are configurable at various alarm levels and can be communicated through triggering of e-mail or SMS.

Fault Management

Legacy, Current & New Technologies. Across Vendors.

Unified approach for the all-IP infrastructure.

Integrated, end-to-end management of your networks across vendors and technology domains, require a comprehensive, unified view of every individual element, their many inter-relationships (physical/logical/virtual) and services.
  • Network Information

    Notifications are collected failure messages from devices using syslog, SNMP traps, TL1, XML, SOAP, CORBA, NetConf and other methods as well as status poll and threshold events.

  • Validation Rules and Filters

    Filters help in validating the notifications and applying domain specific rules. Rules can be structured to validate the incoming events based on time, thresholds, or count.

  • Correlation

    Accurate impact analysis through correlation logic at database and topology level, auto-correlation of parent/child relationships, new and clear alarm; specific custom-correlation policies.

  • Automated Notifications

    Taken at various levels of event flow such as E-mail, SMS, command execution, custom actions. External applications can register with Symphony Fault for notifications.

  • Database

    All the persistent information is stored in the database (RDBMS, HDFS) and used for generating reports and for auditing. An internal caching mechanism helps to speed up transactions.

  • API Awareness

    The rich set of services offered by Symphony Fault are also exposed through a set of well-defined and easy to use APIs, using which scalable, secure and reliable applications can be developed with ease.

Symphony Performance Management

Prevent Outages. Identify Bottlenecks. Take action.
Consolidated Network Intelligence.

User experience is far more critical than ever, an hour of network downtime means an hour of lost business. Maintaining that solid level of performance throughout the service life cycle across network domains, enablers and user devices requires a tightly-integrated, unified approach. Symphony Performance Management provides scalable, multi-vendor statistics collection, visualization and reporting of network performance.

Performance Management
  • Scalable Data Collection

    Captures billing-grade statistics through distributed
    data collection

  • Big Data Analytics

    Scale beyond conventional DB. Support for Hadoop
    File System

  • User-defined KPIs

    Can define both static and dynamic thresholds at multi-
    ple levels.

  • Field-proven protocols

    SNMP, TL1, CLI, XML, CORBA, NetCONF, TR-069 etc. 

  • Multi-vendor, multi-layer

    Support for various vendor adapters; Layer 0 through
    Layer 3

  • Open APIs

    Integrate seamlessly with existing network infrastru-
    cture software systems

Do More with Less. Convert Data to Information.

Managing Capacity Effectively.

In the on-demand era of voice, video and data services, clear visibility into the system behaviour
at all times reduces troubleshooting and MTTR.

  • Keep track, Real-time

    Continuously track KPIs that accurately reflects current customer experience and gives early warning of impending performance issues.

  • Intuitive Visualization

    Multi-layer, physical & logical topology views with click-through navigation. Custom single-pane dashboards with widgets, graphs, map feeds.

  • Flexible Reporting

    Detailed, summary and Top-N reports such as traffic, memory and CPU utilization etc. Scheduled reports, flexible aggregation, real-time updates.

Performance Management WebNMS 
Performance Management WebNMS 
Performance Management
WebNMS Service Assurance

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