Symphony Provisioning & Activation

Meet the Current Pace of Change.
Flexible, Template-driven Service Activation.

Service providers want minimum or no downtime of their networks. Network administrators have to contend with compound legacy workflow and error-prone environment. Symphony Service Provisioning and Activation eliminates swivel-chair operations and automates your approach to translating service models into configuration changes.

WebNMS Service Provisioning & Activation
  • Domain-specific

    Multi-domain provisioning across L2/L3 Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, Broadband, Optical, DWDM, Satellite, Microwave, Wireless, Mobile networks.

  • Vendor-specific

    Easily build provisioning module extensions for vendor-specific devices and expose that functionality using common provisioning APIs.

  • Application-specific

    Add multiple application extensions via an XML configuration file, and include custom rules and functions to the template data, before provisioning.

WebNMS Service Provisioning & Activation
Data, Voice, Video, Managed & Hosted Services.
Provisioning Templates to suit specific Service, Network & Data needs.

  • Common provisioning APIs
  • XML based template scripting
  • Stage based template processing
  • Business rules for custom provisioning
  • Vendor-specific API extensions
  • Order processing & customer mgmt information
  • Service management for modeling customer services
  • Network inventory data
  • Workflow automation
  • OSS tools to allow flow-through provisioning

Symphony Configuration Management

Streamline Maintenance, Repair & Expansion.
Scalable Enterprise Configuration.

WebNMS Configuration Management
  • As network infrastructures are growing in size and heterogeneity, conquering the multifaceted operational and technological challenges of network configuration is the order of the day. The scalable Symphony Configuration Management, with the rich set of APIs, eliminates provisioning fallout, and organizes and maintains multi-vendor device config changes.

    The Symphony Configuration Server ensures that the operation commences in the desired state, possess the proper parameter value and forms the desired relationship with other network components. It interacts with various components like task processing, provider plugins, security, audit and managed object update.

Support for NETCONF interfaces & YANG Modelling

Faster & Error-free Configuration

  • Multiple management interface
  • Task-based, XML-driven configuration process
  • Multi-device configuration through specific task set
  • Store & re-use config profiles
  • Authorize users & check for authorization
  • Store task execution data
  • Manipulate tasks ahead of application
  • User-specific task manipulation
  • Support for different rollback mechanism
  • Customizable audit facility
WebNMS Configuration Management
WebNMS Configuration Management

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