Symphony Inventory

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Fundamental understanding of the capacity of provider networks is essential for CSPs to provision new service orders, modify existing services, discover network entities, diagnose failure in networks and more. A single console that captures complete information of network resources, displays current, past and planned status of the network, that which enables you to activate and configure service from the same view is primal.

Symphony Inventory delivers collated information of all network infrastructure, across vendors and technology domains, that updates information from the network automatically.

Inventory Management
  • Auto-Discovery

    Networks are identified based on IP as well as by protocol (SNMP/CLI/TL1/CORBA/NetConf/TR-069...). TopoAPI maps discovered elements into ManagedObjects (MOs).

  • Visibility - Physical & Logical

    Object models represent any physical network element, logical model (L2, L3 connectivity), complex inter-related components etc from a single console.

  • Traceability

    Captures relationship between MOs and groups a set of characteristically similar MOs together. A service is associated to all physical and logical resources and traced on a single view.

  • Graphical view

    Drill down navigational view and geographical representation of individual networks, associated links/elements, logical and physical entities with multiple hierarchy levels.

  • Detailed Up-to-date Info

    Managed resource shows up all relevant information viz entire device details, interface details, recent alarms, performance health graphs such as CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization etc.,

  • Perform Operations

    TopoAPI enables programmatic addition/ deletion/updating /fetching/ notification operations on the MO. Status of the service (up/down) periodically updated.

  • Search Engine

    Advanced intelligent search engine. Mechanism based on general condition or multiple unique criteria. Supports Apache Lucene that can search across entire inventory information.

  • Alarms & Reports

    Against each managed resource, color-categorized alarm based on severity of the issue is displayed. Periodic, non-periodic and manual report generation of inventory details is possible.

  • Logs & Historic Database

    Log with a record of all changes made in the module with respect to different users is maintained. A database with items that have been in inventory is also retained.

Auto-Discovery & Topology

Gain Full Spectrum of Your Network.
Single Pane Discovery, Modelling & Mapping.

Service Provider networks are usually a conglomerated mix of diverse devices and configurations. Managing environments that are vast and rely on thousands of interconnecting devices becomes a challenge to network engineers. Symphony Discovery & Topology provides a 360° view of instances, developments and updates, enables mapping of network and ensures maximum uptime and performance.

WebNMS Discovery & Topology
  • Physical Fabric and Logical Connectivity

    Auto-discovery (based on defined rules/criteria) of NEs like racks, shelves, cards, ports and deep logical information like VPLS, L3VPN, Pseudowire.

  • Interrelationship

    Model and manage objects individually or as a group of related objects and sync real-time with operational state of network elements.

  • Topological analytics

    TopoAPI performs operations on managed resources and also enables assurance teams stay aware of E2E services and impact.

WebNMS Service Visualization

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