Syslog Monitoring

Syslog Monitoring Feature Pack enhances the Fault Management capability of WebNMS Framework based applications by providing the syslog daemon functionality. The WebNMS Framework based application can thus act as a syslog server and receive syslog messages.
Comprehensive Capabilities
  • The feature pack has the ability to receive messages from a variety of sources
  • Allows runtime administration of syslog filters
  • Propogates the alarm status to the parent object based on syslog events
Simplified Implementation and Deployment

The Feature Pack is available as a single file (ppm format), which can be incorporated in the build of the EMS/NMS application. The feature pack can be pre-configured or configured after deployment using the runtime administration tool.


  • Enhances the fault management capability of WebNMS Framework based applications
  • Provides capability to generate reports based on syslog messages