WebNMS Framework - Product End of Life Announcement

January 2021

Dear Valued Customer,

This communication serves as a formal notification that WebNMS Framework has reached the 'End of Life (EOL)' and 'End of Support (EOS)' stage after being in the 'Maintenance Mode' process of the product life cycle until December 2020.

This is due to the prevailing market conditions and the strategic direction change to exclusively focus on our IoT platform and range of solutions. There will not be any further development and support on the complete telecom product range, and no further new sales on the WebNMS Framework Product are supported.

However customers with long term plans for deployment can choose to purchase the WebNMS Source code and continue with further development and deployment in self-support mode, and pay runtime royalty as applicable. Please contact sales@webnms.com for further details.

It has been a pleasure serving you so far; we hope that you have had a good experience with the product.

As a company, we continue to maintain excellent growth within our Enterprise products business unit - ManageEngine www.manageengine.com and our SaaS product business unit - Zoho www.zoho.com . With the growth and capabilities of our cloud-based IoT specific platform and applications/solutions combined with heavy investment and strong forward R&D we strive to lead the device management market as we did within the NMS space. We apologize for any inconvenience this announcement may cause and encourage you to contact sales@webnms.com for any additional information required.

WebNMS Product Management Team